Lament for the bag of dog doo left upon my sidewalk

Lament for the bag of dog poo left upon my sidewalk

I find them on my sidewalk, I find them on the trail

The production of a canine from just under the tail

Neatly tucked and tied in a plastic sack

But left there, alone, and they aren’t coming back

On my mid-day walk just today


I’ve run over them with my lawnmower

(otherwise known as a poo bag shredder and thrower)

Through my irritation

I guess at the dog owners’ motivation


Maybe the process is too complicated and needs some instruction

As to the proper sequence and basic function:

STEP 1: the doggie deed is done

STEP 2: you scoop and bag the poo

Across the street in front of my neighbor’s house

STEP 3: take the bag home with thee!



Dogs do poo (on each walk maybe a time or two)

When it rains (this sounds insane) the poo bag goes down the drain

The fecal material once spun-off turns into runoff

The dog poo in solution becomes the stream’s pollution

The bag of plastic for the stream is bombastic

On the river greenway trail

So if you want to swim and enjoy the water

Take your poo bag – I think that you ought’r.

NOTE: all three photos were taken within 1/4 mile of my house within just a few days. . .it is now normal behavior.  

Your Humble Stormwater Poet,

David J. Hirschman

[email protected]


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