The Tenacious Bloom Is Here!

I have enjoyed writing this blog for the last several years, and thanks for reading. Admittedly, my posts have been on the erratic side, but I have an excuse. I was working on a book! It started out as non-fiction and mysteriously transformed into fiction — and environmental mystery that is.

Here is some more information about obtaining the book or setting up a reading event in your community.


The Tenacious Bloom, is published and ready!

An environmental mystery* set in four seasons. Agent Aliyah Aurea from the FBI Divison of Environmental Crimes and her compatriots utilize the sciences and arts of geology, botany, and hydrology to solve ecological crimes.

How Do I Get One?

Visit to order a copy

Copies will be mailed via USPS (C’ville residents can contact me directly).

Also, connect with me at [email protected] if you are interested in setting up a reading or event in your location. I will be doing several over the coming months.



15% of first month book proceeds donated to my wonderful local watershed group, the Rivanna Conservation Alliance!



Dave, [email protected]

May 21, 2024

* You may be wondering: what’s an environmental mystery anyway?

Not that there are any strict rules in place, but here are some of my ideas (based on having written one).

  • There may not be any dead bodies (sorry murder mystery fans), but polluted water, damaged ecosystems, and even historical environmental threats that resurface in modern times.
  • As stated above, the slueths use clues from the environmental sciences.
  • The environment — climate, rocks, plants, and rivers — are in fact characters in the plot.

That’s probably enough for now, but feel free to send me any thoughts you have on the subject.

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